Cautions for operation of steamed bun machine

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1. Open the cover plate of the mould plate and add a small amount of smooth oil or grease between the blades of the steamer.
2. Check the positive and negative after switching on the power supply. Close the switches to let the rigid work empty, and check whether the departments are deformed.
3. When making a trial, first close the shaping switch, then close the conditioning surface pump switch, put the kneaded noodles into the dough bucket until the hollow bun is made rigidly, then adjust the filling section button, make the portion of the famous scalp according to the proportion requested, and close the conditioning surface pump switch.
4. Close the switch of filling pump. Put the filling into the filling bucket and let the filling go out of the machine head until the filling pump is full of filling, then the closed feeding surface can start and stop.
5. When the filling column is formed by a die disc to form a complete steamed bun, the steamed bun reaches the required size and the proportion of the filling through conditioning (filling conditioning).
The steamed bun machine is simple to operate and can be used for steamed buns of various shapes. It is faster to market than other steamed buns. A brief introduction about the operation of the steamed bun machine is as follows: putting the harmonious noodles into the dough bucket of the steamed bun machine - filling the mixed stuffing into the dough bucket of the steamed bun machine - starting the general power supply of the steamed bun machine - closing the forming switch of the steamed bun machine - closing the dough feeding switch of the steamed bun machine - closing the stuffing switch of the steamed bun machine - taking out and checking the steamed buns from the conve
How to make steamed buns to increase income? Choosing more than effort, choosing not to make efforts is equal to waste! Simple words contain a lot of philosophy. For the investment industry, the bigger core is the knack. This knack is to have a good business project, choose a good cooperative enterprise, and choose a good one. Operating profitable equipment is critical.
Steamed buns are very familiar to us. In the past, people used to produce steamed buns manually, but now they all use automatic steamed bun machine to produce steamed buns. The size, filling volume and thickness of steamed buns can be adjusted at will. It avoids the situation that steamed buns are exposed and cracked. The steamed bun gas produced by automatic steamed bun machine can be avoided. The holes are more uniform, more elastic, water holding capacity is very high, and the effect is higher than that of the steamed buns manually produced.
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