After the application of dumpling machine, clean the machine immediately.

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Automatic cleaning method of dumpling machine:
1: After the application of dumpling machine, clean the machine immediately.
2: Machine feeding system, feeding system, cutting knife should avoid hard chisel, impact, knock and hammer when disassembling equipment.
3: When the blade of the cleaning machine is cleaned and put back in place, I pay attention to the direction in which we put it, and coat the blade with edible oil before the machine is opened. Machine, and all the drives in the machine. A layer of lubricant is also applied.
4: The cam groove of the automatic dumpling machine is coated with vegetable oil every time. All bearings of the machine should be removed and cleaned every six months. The maintenance time of the gear motor of the machine is the same as that of the motor. Maintain product maintenance methods.
The machine is manufactured by personnel. It is manufactured by contacting the advantages of traditional machines and users'opinions before manufacturing. This machine not only avoids the traditional dumpling machine word production.
At that time, the bad situation, the taste and shape of dumplings is obviously too high, dumpling production machine.
Use and Operation of Dumpling Machine
1. Turn on the power supply and test the operation: After cleaning and restoring the installation, we can turn on the power supply and start the machine. Before turning on the power supply, place the filling pump clutch handle in the parking position, and then retract the facial screw wrench back to the back end with a hook wrench.
Check whether the connected power supply is consistent with the rated voltage and number of items of the machine. After confirming the protocol, you can turn on the power supply. After startup, check whether the machine is leaking, and judge whether the turning is correct according to the rotating direction of the forming die. Rotating outward is correct. After the machine is running properly, it will idle for 3 to 5 minutes. During the operation, press the following direction. Move the clutch handle and adjust the handle to check for any abnormalities. After the idler is running properly, start using it again.
2. Trial-run dumplings
(1) Try stuffing: test dumpling stuffing in front of the experiment with a machine, open the machine frame 90 degrees, then put the adjusted stuffing into the stuffing barrel, pull the clutch handle off the pipe stuffing to open the dumpling handle and adjust it to the desired position, start to observe whether the dumpling is uniform and stable, whether there is discontinuity, fill. Is the filling normal? After running for 1-2 minutes, the clutch handle is pulled to the stop position.
(2) Test Surface: The adjustment of dough is to check the amount or uniformity of the face and whether the thickness of dumpling skin is appropriate. Firstly, by adjusting the face nut, the face screw is pushed to the appropriate position, the good face is made into a face shaft or dough, put into the bucket, and then start the rear tube.
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