Three principles should be followed in the maintenance of dumpling machine

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To know the maintenance method of dumpling machine, users should follow three principles: specially operated, maintained and cleaned, regular inspection and maintenance, timely detection of problems and solving problems, only the use of the machine can last longer.
The following is a summary of the daily maintenance of dumpling machine:
1. Fully automatic dumpling machine should clean and clean the machine's feeding and filling modules every day after the end of dumpling. In the process of disassembly and cleaning, it is necessary to avoid using hard objects to smash and knock, so as to ensure that the parts of the machine are handled lightly.
2. Don't use hard objects to clean the synthetic mould, so as not to cause damage to the mould. When the mould has been cleaned up, it should be placed in order, and a small amount of cooking oil should be applied to the inclusion mould and transmission parts, and the discharge sequence of the forming module should be paid attention to.
3. The conveyor belt should be used up and cleaned. Otherwise, a small amount of oil stains will cause pollution to the conveyor belt and affect the neatness of the conveyor belt.
4. The transmission parts of each module should be added with proper amount of edible oil every month, and the gear groove should be added with edible oil every three months.
5. The bearings should be inspected and repaired once a month, and the bearings should be dismantled and washed every three months. The gears and chains between motors are buttered every six months.
6. The deceleration motor should be maintained reasonably according to the operation instructions of the motor.
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