Technical Research on Selection and Matching of Food Machinery Equipment

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1. Define the purpose of food processing and the characteristics of equipment selection
1.1 Purpose of food processing. According to the requirements of food processing, the original quality characteristics of food should be maintained, the quality characteristics of food should be improved and improved, the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of food should be changed to meet the different needs of people, and the utilization value and economic value of agricultural products should be improved. Through different characteristics of food processing and intensive processing, to develop multi-functional food and its new products, in order to achieve maximum value-added benefits of food processing.
1.2 Features of equipment selection. According to the international requirements of safe production, mechanical safety and food safety in food industry, the selection of working parts and technical parameters of food machinery should be adapted to the biological characteristics of processed food and meet the processing requirements of final products; the loss and quality of raw materials and final products caused by food processing should be strictly controlled. The final product should be the processing machinery and equipment of food or semi-finished products, which should prevent the contamination of machinery and other materials to the food processing process to ensure that the final product meets the food safety requirements, and avoid the environmental pollution caused by the discharges (dregs, grains, slurries, liquids, gases, etc.) from the food processing process. Food processing environment should be equipped with pollution treatment equipment to meet emission standards; for food processing containing multiple nutrients or pharmacodynamic components, consideration should be given to reducing the loss of nutrients or pharmacodynamic components in processing; attention should be paid to the comprehensive development of by-products and waste materials, making full use of resources, and improving economic benefits.
2. Determining the Main Basis for Choosing Matching Matches
2.1 Compliance with relevant national industrial policies and standards
2.1.1 Priority should be given to the selection and adoption of food machinery and equipment that the current state focuses on encouraging development. Focus on the selection and use of food machinery and equipment with appropriate scale, high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption, safety and health, less environmental pollution, high resource utilization efficiency.
2.1.2 It is forbidden to select and adopt food machinery and equipment which is currently restricted and eliminated by the state. Emphasis is placed on prohibiting the selection and use of food machinery and equipment that violates national laws and regulations, lags behind production methods, poor product quality, serious environmental pollution, high consumption of raw materials and energy, which can be replaced by advanced and mature technologies and seriously endangers production safety and food safety.
2.1.3 Choose and adopt food machinery and equipment with advanced standards and shaped products as far as possible. Firstly, we should select food machinery and equipment with international standards, advanced foreign standards and equivalent international standards. Secondly, we should select food machinery and equipment with national standards and industry standards. It requires the technical conditions of design, manufacture, installation and inspection of food machinery and equipment, and it is best to be subject to existing basic standards and methods standards. Restriction of safety standards is conducive to the effective use of performance and product quality of food machinery and equipment.
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