What if the food is too greasy?

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When we operate the frying equipment, some users will worry about the high oil content of the food fried by the frying equipment, which will have a certain impact on health, so we hope that there are some ways to control the oil content of the food fried by the frying equipment. So is there really a way to achieve this effect?
Fully automatic frying equipment plays an important role in food and exercise industry. Many fried foods are manufactured by fully automatic frying equipment. But many customers are afraid that the food made by automatic frying equipment contains too much oil. In fact, there are ways to reduce the oil content, but many users do not know this usage.
Fully automatic frying equipment is a product that integrates functions of frying, oil throwing and delivery. It has two control options, automatic and manual. It is more sensitive to operation. In order to reduce the oil content of fried food and recycle the excess oil, the vacuum deoiling installation is adopted in the automatic frying equipment to meet the needs of health and economy.
The oil content is one of the important indexes to judge the brittleness of frying waste. If the vacuum frying technology is used, if the atmospheric pressure is restored, the pressure difference will make the oil absorbed into the pore of the frying product and greatly increase the oil content of the product. Therefore, the waste product must be separated from the oil layer after frying in vacuum.
According to the principle that the liquid of one side with low vacuum in vacuum tank will flow to the other side with high vacuum, the oil will flow from frying tank to standby preheating tank by controlling the vacuum degree and opening the intermediate valve, so that the frying waste can be deoiled by rotating centrifuge in vacuum frying tank, and the oil in the waste can be thrown out to achieve the purpose of vacuum deoiling.
Vacuum deoiling technology used in automatic frying equipment can not only save more cost, but also reduce the oil content of fried food, making it more suitable for health requirements and easier to keep.
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