Handmade dumpling skin (steamed buns, roasted wheat) machine

Handmade dumpling skin (steamed buns, roasted wheat) machine

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ZEL series imitation handmade dumplings (steamed buns, roasted wheat) leather machine is a new type of food machinery developed by our company independently. The equipment can produce thick and thin edge dumpling skin. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, safety and sanitation, no corner waste and so on. It makes the appearance, taste and weight of dumplings uniform. It has completely changed the current situation of low production efficiency, waste of employees, secondary pollution and intermediate cracks after quick freezing. The advent of the machine has attracted much attention of the dumpling industry. The machine can form a continuous production line of dumplings with dough mixer, surface pressing machine and conveyor belt. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the imitation manual dumpling leather machine can also change the pressing speed according to the production needs.
Handmade dumpling skin (steamed buns, roasted wheat) machine
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