ZE Fully Automatic Processing Line for Potato Chips

ZE Fully Automatic Processing Line for Potato Chips

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1. Material selection: Fresh potatoes with high dry matter content should be selected with pure varieties, shallow bud eyes, regular shape, no mildew and decay, no germination and insect pests, and their diameters should be between 50 and 70 mm.
2. Cleaning: Rolling cage cleaning machine is used to remove debris and other debris in raw materials.
3. Peeling: The method of mechanical friction peeling is adopted. The peeling time is determined by the freshness of the raw materials, usually 3-8 minutes, when the material is fed 30-40 kg at a time. After peeling, the potatoes should be clean and clean. The peeling time should not be too long to avoid excessive peeling and increase the material loss rate.
4. Dressing: Remove the unfit parts of raw materials such as bud eyes and mildew, and shaping individual irregular raw materials.
5. Slices: Feed the raw materials into the slicer in turn, the feeding speed should be uniform, and the thickness of the slices should be between 1 and 2 mm.
6. Rinsing: The chips after slicing should be washed in water to avoid oxidative browning of the chips exposed to air. At the same time, the free starch on the surface of the chips should be washed to prevent the starch from dissolving into the oil pan and affect the service life of the frying oil.
7. Color protection: The temperature of the color protection solution is controlled between 80 and 100 degrees Celsius. It is necessary to destroy the activity of enzyme and improve the structure of tissue. Generally, the blanching time is 1-2 minutes. In addition, a small amount of additives should be added to the color protection solution.
8. Dehydration: Spread the stacked material on the distributor and remove the surface moisture to avoid increasing frying time and oil content of the finished product.
9. Frying: The sheet material should be evenly fed into the frying pan. The oil temperature should be controlled between 180 and 200 degrees Celsius. The material must pass through the frying pan within 2 minutes. Palm oil is often used in frying oil. Compared with other edible oils, it has the characteristics of good stability, long service life and good crispness. It is especially suitable for use as frying oil.
10. Deoiling: Deoiling of fried sheets can prolong the shelf life of products by removing residual oil from the surface by vibration deoiler.
11. Seasoning: After flavoring by the flavoring machine, it is made into fried potato chips with different flavors. According to different taste requirements, potato chips can have chicken, beef, spicy and barbecue flavors.
12. Cooling: The flavored potato chips should be cooled to room temperature before they can be packed.
13. Weighing and packaging: The product should be packaged quantitatively with a net content error of <10%. In order to prolong the shelf life, vacuum nitrogen filling packaging with aluminum-plastic double-deck bags is often used.
ZE Fully Automatic Processing Line for Potato Chips
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