ZEL Series Electrically Heated Frier

ZEL Series Electrically Heated Frier

Electric heating fryer




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ZEL series electric heating fryer is a special type developed for customers such as hotels, hotels, fried chicken shops, fast food restaurants, guest houses, catering companies, military academies, enterprise canteens, fried food enterprises and chain stores. The machine is made of imported high-quality stainless steel with exquisite workmanship and durability. Intelligent temperature control instrument is used to set frying temperature arbitrarily according to need, which is convenient and practical. Oil-water mixing technology is used to automatically filter residues, prolong the replacement cycle of edible oil, and greatly reduce the cost of frying products. Automatic temperature control and no overheating slow down the carbonization speed of edible oil and inhibit the speed of edible oil acid value. Effective separation of inferior oil, greatly reducing the smoke generated in the working process. It is equipped with over-temperature alarm device and sensor detection device, so that you can use it safely.
ZEL Series Electrically Heated Frier
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