Oil curtain fryer

Oil curtain fryer

Electric heating fryer




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Usage and Characteristics

1. Oil curtain fryer, mainly used for frying nuts, fish, granular food, snacks, etc.

2. The oil curtain type fryer drives the product forward through the mesh belt, and fully contacts the hot oil flowing under the oil curtain to carry out efficient frying operation.

3. Oil curtain fryer is non-submerged frying machine. Fried food is heated by multi-channel oil curtain. Oil consumption is greatly reduced and the volume of oil in the whole system is very small.

4. The characteristics of oil curtain fryer compared with submerged fryer are: high efficiency frying, high quality frying products and high output.

5. Three outstanding advantages of oil curtain fryer: small size, less oil and simple cleaning. The oil curtain type fryer can be 25% smaller than the usual fryer, with less oil injection and faster frying turnover, which is conducive to improving oil quality. Do not adhere, keep the original shape. In the conveyor belt, the product keeps its original arrangement.


Oil curtain fryer
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