ZEL Series Pressure Fryer

ZEL Series Pressure Fryer

Electric heating fryer




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ZEL series pressure fryer is made of stainless steel, automatic electronic timing, automatic pressure control and exhaust. Furnace body adopts low temperature and high pressure principle mesa design into oil pan structure, which avoids the shortcoming of oil outflow on mesa. It has the functions of automatic temperature control, timing, automatic pressure control exhaust, overpressure insurance and so on. The food fried under pressure of this machine is tender, delicious and fragrant, which can maintain the original nutritional ingredients of the food. The machine can fry ducks, chickens, meat and other foods under pressure. The machine can use electricity alone or 220V household lighting, electric gas and auxiliary heating without 380V power. It is suitable for restaurants and individual users. The utility model has the characteristics of low consumption, no pollution, convenient use, high efficiency, durable use, etc.
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ZEL Series Pressure Fryer
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